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VR Visionaries Join Up!

Neil Schneider (L), David Traub (R), Alan Price (Middle)
"We produced Lawnmower Man during an era of $10,000 HMDs, but envisioned a time where affordable technologies enabled global access to positive and socially valuable immersive computing and entertainment. That time is NOW, and we are proud to join The ITA to help usher in this new era." - David Traub, Principal of Epiphany Film Fund

Pictured above  on the right (during a fun GDC VR mixer that The ITA was a media sponsor of), David Traub is Principal of Epiphany Film Fund and was personally responsible for producing the on-display graphics work in the Lawnmower Man.  Lawnmower Man is the 1993 science fiction movie that introduced VR to the global audience.  Also pictured is Neil Schneider, Executive Director of the Alliance, and Alan Price, President of The ITA.

The Immersive Technology Alliance is proud to announce seven new members since our official launch at GDC 2014.  Our latest additions include True Player Gear, Rabbx, Fallen Planet Studios, Jespionage Entertainment, Epiphany Film Fund, Nextgen Interactions, and Firsthand Technologies.

"Immersive technologies like VR covers a broad range of verticals and challenges that are too numerous for a single company to do everything. The ITA provides the opportunity for members to collaborate, learn, and benefit from each other in an open forum that welcomes all representatives with equal validity. " - Dr. Jason Jerald, President of NextGen Interactions.

Having a taste of everything is what makes The ITA great, and Nextgen Interactions' membership helps underscore this.  Dr. Jerald's most recent work includes developing a VR game that was shown with the Virtuix Omni on ABC's Shark Tank, development with Valve Software on porting Left4Dead2 to a VR system that was featured in the New York Times, consulting for Oculus VR, and serious game development with Sixense Entertainment.

More ITA news to come!  Access the full press release here and remember to follow us on Twitter.

Affordable ITA membership packages are readily available for technology makers, content producers, and academic institutions. Special discounts are also available for formative companies to maximize their chances for growth and success.