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official_ita3d RT @waskultv: Jason Jerald, PhD on virtual reality / augmented reality @waskultv Watch now at:
official_ita3d RT @CourtSprunger: ImmersiON-VRelia to unveil immersive space experience at NASA's 75th Anniversary Open House #ames
official_ita3d The @UCF University of Central Florida joins the ITA! #UCF #VR #AR
official_ita3d RT @GetImmersed: Wow! Big thanks to @JoshuaFarkas & @CubicleNinjas for redesigning the website! We love it. #immerse
official_ita3d RT @GetImmersed: Immersed adds new speakers David Cole, CEO of @NextVR_app & Mary Spio, Founder and President, @NextGalaxyCorp! https://t.c…
official_ita3d Immersed adds new speakers David Cole, CEO of @NextVR_app & Mary Spio, Founder and President, @NextGalaxyCorp!
official_ita3d RT @GetImmersed: IMMERSED adds the Network of Angel Organizations Ontario to the conference!
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official_ita3d Immersed Conference Makes Toronto Shine as Virtual Reality and Emerging Technologies Grab Hold
official_ita3d RT @_jasonjerald: Looking forward to speaking about #VR at @ImmersedCon Nov 23-24 in @Toronto.
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official_ita3d RT @CloudheadGames: AvaCon leads new group for virtual reality interoperability - Hypergrid Business
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The University of Central Florida Joins The ITA

Dr. Joseph LaViola Jr., University of Central Florida
"The Interactive Systems and User Experience Research Cluster of Excellence at the University of Central Florida is proud to join the Immersive Technology Alliance.  As an academic leader in virtual reality and immersive experiences over the past several years, we are looking forward to assisting alliance members in promoting and helping to support innovation in this space to bring immersive technology to the masses." - Dr. Joseph J. LaViola Jr., Director, Interactive Systems and User Experience Research Cluster of Excellence

The Immersive Technology Alliance is both honored and excited to welcome Dr. LaViola Jr. and the University of Central Florida to the alliance.  Just some of their research tracks include 3D user interfaces, pen & multitouch computing, human-robot interaction, motion tracking, and games, training, and learning.


Immersed medium
The Immersive Technology Alliance is proud to reveal Immersed, the industry building content & technology event for virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D, gesture technology, and more!

Immersed takes place November 23 and 24, 2014 (Sunday, Monday) in Toronto, Ontario. We have a wide range of speakers on the docket with more that will be regularly announced leading up to the show. We've also arranged a public exhibit on the Sunday afternoon so people can grasp why this industry is so exciting.

Read more: Let's GET IMMERSED!

Cloudhead Games Joins The ITA!

Cloudhead Games Logo
"Cloudhead Games is an indie studio with a diverse and accomplished crew that includes AAA blockbuster game development experience. We are building The Gallery: Six Elements, a richly narrative adventure and exploration game from the ground up for virtual reality. The Gallery is fueled by intuitive physical interaction and puzzles, nestled within a deeply immersive environment. As long time VR enthusiasts, we are eager to connect with other VR pioneers through the Immersive Technology Alliance to learn and to contribute to shaping the future of Virtual Reality." - Denny Unger, CEO of Cloudhead Games.

Cloudhead Games' The Gallery: Six Elements is one of the most anticipated VR games headed to market.  Greenlit on Steam, it has blossomed from a successful Kickstarter to CMF (Canada Media Fund) support.  Their work has been featured by the likes of Joystiq, Polygon, "Rock, Paper, Shotgun", and more!

AvaCon Joins The ITA, New Working Group!

AvaCon Logo"The Immersive Technology Alliance brings together expertise from across the field to foster and promote innovation in this space, and it couldn't be happening at a more important time. As the mainstream media turns its attention back to virtual reality, it is critically important that we have a forum for immersive technology developers, content creators, and innovators to work together on issues and standards, and ITA is providing that forum. AvaCon is delighted to join the conversation and we look forward to working with partners in the industry to help move the metaverse forward." - Chris Collins, President

Similar to The Immersive Technology Alliance, AvaCon is a true 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with all the responsibilities thereof.  They represent about ten years of work in promoting the growth, enhancement, and development of the metaverse, virtual worlds, augmented reality, and 3D immersive and virtual spaces.  The ITA and AvaCon share similar passions and energies, and we know we are going to be able to accomplish a great deal together.

On the heels of a very successful ITA membership meeting that featured member and guest speakers like John Gaeta, Mozilla, Siliconarts and more, the ITA Board of Directors has approved AvaCon as a Working Group lead for our Metaverse efforts.  More details on this will be provided later.  All companies and entities that have a vested interest in helping build the metaverse, provide metaverse services and infrastructure, or simply want to see this market opporunity grow are encouraged to join The Immersive Technology Alliance and participate with this new working group.