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Dimension Technologies Inc. Joins the ITA

Arnold Lagergren (CEO), Neil Schneider (ITA), Tom Curtin (Dir. Business Development) "The Immersive Technology Alliance (ITA) is really well networked inside and outside the membership, and they are bringing much needed expertise and viability to the 3D and VR markets. As a leader in glasses-free stereoscopic 3D display technology, DTI is already benefiting from joining this worthwhile effort. We look forward to working with ITA members as we bring our latest glasses-free display that eliminates viewing position restrictions, allows multiple observers, provides full HD resolution in 3D and 2D, and has depth of field heretofore only achievable with 3D glasses." - Arnold Lagergren, CEO, Dimension Technologies Inc (DTI)

The Immersive Technology Alliance welcomes Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI) as their latest member.  DTI specializes in glasses-free displays, and their work has been used by the likes of NASA.  They are currently getting ready to launch a Kickstarter to release a new 3D monitor targeted to gamers.  What makes this unique is that unlike the other glasses-free displays which require fixed position viewing, diminished resolution, and limited brightness, they firmly believe they found the solution to solve all these issues and more.  They also have the means to achieve this affordably for the video game market.  Their hardware will be compatible with DDD's TriDef ignition drivers too!

Check out Meant to be Seen's interview with Dimension Technologies Inc. at their headquarters.  There will be more news to share soon enough!

The ITA and its Members Highlighted in Torque

torque-logoThe Immersive Technology Alliance and several of its members were featured and highlighted in Torque, the Word Press news core.  Topics included everything from why the current round of VR and similar technology is so innovative, the Metaverse, recommendations for great VR content, and more.

The article's author is none other than George Lawton who has has been infinitely fascinated about the rise of cybernetic consciousness, which he has been covering for the last twenty years for publications like IEEE Computer, Wired, and many others.  His eclectic career has also included herding cattle in Australia, sailing a Chinese junk to Antarctica, and helping build Biosphere II.  Cool!

ImmersiON and VRelia Join Forces!

Immersion VRelia HMD"When I sampled VRelia's early work, I knew our industry had great things in store. Now that Immersion has partnered with VRelia, the leverage is there to really take things up a level. The market is clearly growing in the right direction, and we look forward to more positive developments from our membership." - Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The Immersive Technology Alliance.

ImmersiON and VRelia have officially announced their partnership in the professional HMD space, and are co-developing a Head Mounted Display/Heads-Up Display (HMD/HUD) for virtual reality and augmented reality applications.  While pricing is still unknown, their hardware is being designed to support dual full HD 2160x1920 resolution panels with an unprecedented 120-degree field of view.  The ImmersiON-VRelia HMD will also feature the required hardware needed for both augmented and virtual reality experiences.  Access the full press release for complete details.

Read more: ImmersiON and VRelia Join Forces!

Extravalanza a Huge VR Success!

AMD's Extravalanza was a huge success, and it was a great day for VR.  The Immersive Technology Alliance worked closely with AMD to develop a cool VR demo at the Extravalanza event.  To really make things happen, ITA members PrioVR (YEI Technology) and IRIS V.R. (makers of Technolust) collaborated to show Technolust with a new range of interaction using the PrioVR motion capture suit.

The above interview features Darren McPhee, Director of Graphics Product Marketing for AMD.  In addition to talking about virtual reality, Darren also discussed their latest rounds of graphics cards, console gaming, FreeSync, Mantle, and more!

Congratulations to PrioVR and IRIS V.R. for putting together an awesome display and really getting the gamers excited about VR!