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official_ita3d RT @MTBS3D: Get Ready for The B.I.G. Summit in Miami! Keynote by Randi Zuckerberg. #nextgalaxy #eonreality #vuzix #zuckerberg
official_ita3d Wishing our friends @3DFF good luck w/their #Immersive Film Festival & #VR Lounge!! #3DFF #AR
official_ita3d RT @MTBS3D: The biggest immersive festival happening in LA this wknd! Check out for information and the schedule! @3
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official_ita3d Videos from @GetImmersed are being posted online! First up opening remarks from Neil Schneider.#immersed #VR #AR #3D
official_ita3d RT @GetImmersed: What We Saw At Immersed: The Virtual And Augmented Reality Event @Vrvana @ImmersiONVRelia @AMD @AMDGaming #immersed http:/…
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Immersed 2015 Has Been Scheduled

Immersed 2014It's confirmed!  Immersed 2015 is scheduled for October 4-6 in the new year in Toronto.  To celebrate, we are working to get the 2014's recorded sessions online so others can experience some of the magic that happened at the show.  The website has also been updated with pictures from the inaugural event.  More than this, while the 2014 edition came and went, we are still getting news from attendees who have benefited from the conference.  Some of these stories have been outlined in our latest announcements.  This is why Immersed was founded, and why it will happen again in 2015.

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See You at the B.I.G. Summit!


The Immersive Technology Alliance is proud to be a media sponsor for the upcoming B.I.G. Summit taking place on January 20, 2015 in Miami Beach, Florida.   This one day event is an industry-building conference, and features Randi Zuckerberg, one of the pioneering entrepreneurs behind Facebook.  A strong focus is being placed on virtual and augmented reality, and leading names attached include EON Reality, Next Galaxy Corp., Vuzix Corporation, and more.  Wired Magazine's Peter Rubin will be speaking and sharing, so this is definitely a must-attend event; especially for residents of the MIami Beach area that are seriously interested in this space.

In addition to a strong agenda, meals are included making this an excellent value to interested entrepreneurs and businesses.

Immersed Winners Announced!

Immersed medium

Tom's Hardware ran a great article showcasing all the fun and technological marvels they experienced at Immersed.  We'll work to make it even bigger next year, we promise!

We didn't have time to do the raffle at the actual event, so we did it after the show. Prizes will be shipped and emailed out shortly. Here are the winners and prizes...

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The ITA Backs 3DFF 2014!

3D Film Festival

This could easily be the biggest immersive tech content festival for 2014!  The 3D Film Festival (3DFF) started with humble beginnings in a small Cocoa Beach, Florida hotel with a handful of exhibitors in 2008, and has since grown into a cross-country fixture of 3D and immersive films and content with the top names attached.  The ITA is always happy to work with them as they put on the best events.

The seventh 3D Film Festival (3DFF) is being held this coming Saturday, December 6.  Leading names attached include 3opolis, RealD, 4DX, Creative Technology Center, Dzignlight Studios, Holo-gauze, ImmersiON-VRelia, Social House, Boys & Girls Club, Freevi, VRLA, Hollywood Toys and Costumes, Dos Equis, The International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society, and The Immersive Technology Alliance.

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